Hydraulic lime repointing mortar

Technical Datasheet

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Safety Datasheet

XhN-60 is a repointing mortar based on natural hydraulic lime from St-Astier. The hydraulic properties of this lime (hardens by reaction with water) allows formulation of a cement free mortar with basic properties that are equivalent to historic mortars assuring required durability and authenticity in historic restoration. The innovative technology of this lime is its hydraulic set that allows doing the restoration work in a reasonable timeframe without using cement or pozzolans as other types of lime would request. These additions have the effect of limiting the water vapour transmissions that can cause premature deterioration of masonry elements. For interior and exterior use, this mortar is specially formulated for the restoration of damaged joints on brick or stone historic buildings.

* Results obtained in laboratory at 23°C, 50% R.H