Hydraulic lime based bedding mortar

Technical Datasheet

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Safety Datasheet

XHN-101 is a bedding mortar based on natural hydraulic lime from St-Astier. The hydraulic properties of this lime (hardens by reaction with water) allows formulation of a cement free mortar which is closer to the formulation of historic mortars. Its hydraulic set allows installing brick or stone in a reasonable timeframe without using cement or pozzolans. For interior or exterior use, this mortar is specially formulated for the installation of masonry elements on historical buildings during restoration projects were reconstruction is needed. It is also used for new construction for elements that are highly exposed to de-icing salts.

Characteristic Results*
Compressive strength ASTM C-109 7 days
28 days
90 days
2.8 MPa (400 psi)
7.2 MPa (1000 psi)
9.6 MPa (1390 psi)
Vapour transmission, ASTM E-96 19 perms
Pull-off adhesion CSA 23.2-6B 28 days 0.4 MPa (54 psi)
Flexural strength, ASTM C -348 7 days
28 days
1.1 MPa (160 psi)
2.6 MPa (370 psi)
Shrinkage, ASTM C-596 90 days 0.06 %
Freeze/thaw resistance ASTM C-666 M resistant
Specific mass 1870 kg/m3
117 lb/ft3

* Results obtained in laboratory at 23°C, 50% R.H