Cement-lime repointing mortar

Technical Datasheet

Safety Datasheet

Restomix is a repointing mortar based on type S hydrated lime and portland cement. For interior and exterior use, this mortar is specially formulated for the restoration of damaged joints on historic brick or stone buildings. Its unique formulation produces a mortar that has the necessary workability and the essential qualities for repointing such as excellent adhesion, high water vapour transmission and self-healing properties.

Characteristic Results*
Compressive strength ASTM C-109 7 days
28 days
1.5 MPa (217 psi)
2.5 MPa (363 psi)
Vapour transmission, ASTM E-96 24 perms
Water absorption, ASTM C-1403 24 hours 13.2 %
Pull-off adhesion, CSA 23.2-6B 28 days 0.73 MPa (106 psi)
Shrinkage, ASTM C-596 91 days 0.13 %
Freeze/thaw resistance, ASTM C-666M resistant
Air content, ASTM C-185 12 %
Flexural strength, ASTM C-348 7 days
28 days
1.4 MPa (203 psi)
1.5 MPa (218 psi)
Specific mass 1860 kg/m 3 112 lb/ft 3

* Results obtained in laboratory at 23°C, 50% R.H.