Stone repair mortar

Technical Datasheet

Safety Datasheet

Neostone is a single component mortar based on cement and mineral fillers that is specially formulated for the restoration of stone elements (sandstone and limestone). Neostone can be used to repair simple elements such as flat stone blocks but it can also be sculpted to fix various ornamental frescos. The limit of the details resides in the hand of the applicator. Neostone was developed to offer a mortar with the essential physical properties to obtain compatibility between the repair and the substrate. Among these properties are excellent adhesion and water vapour transmission superior to the stone in order to avoid entrapping humidity between the repair and the substrate which would cause premature deterioration. Neostone final aspect is also very similar to the stone. A custom coloration service is also offered to closely match the color of the mortar with the existing stone.

Characteristic Results*
Compressive strength ASTM C-109 7 days 9.5 MPa (1375 psi)
28 days 15.0 MPa (2175 psi)
Vapour transmission ASTM E-96 20 perms
Water absorption, ASTM C-1403 24 hours 11 %
Expansion in lime-water ASTM C-596 28 days 0.01 %
Shrinkage, ASTM C-596 28 days 0.06 %
Flexural strength ASTM C-348 7 days 2.5 MPa (362 psi)
28 days 3.0 MPa (435 psi)
Linear coefficient of thermal expansion, ASTM C-531 8.7* 10 -6 (mm/mm)°C
Freeze/thaw resistance ASTM C-666M resistant
Specific mass 1720 kg/m3 (107 lb/ft3)

* Results obtained in laboratory at 23°C, 50% R.H