Repair mortar for granite and/or decorative concrete elements and/or artificial stones

Technical Datasheet

Safety Datasheet

Neogranit is a mortar containing cement and mineral fillers that is specially formulated for the restoration of granite and/or decorative concrete elements and/or artificial stones. Neogranit can be used to repair simple elements such as flat stone blocks but it can also be used to repair precast concrete with exposed aggregates. The limit of the detailed repair resides in the hand of the applicator’s ability.

Neogranit was developed to obtain a mortar with similar physical properties that is compatible to a hard stone like Granit without any polymer addition. Among these properties are excellent adhesion, low water absorption, high resistance to de-icing salt which helps with the long term durability of the repairs. A custom coloration service with aggregates layout is also offered to match the color of the mortar with the existing stone and its exposed aggregates.