St-Astier natural hydraulic lime

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This totally natural lime has the property of setting by reaction with water instead of reaction with the carbon dioxide (CO2) contained in air like usual lime would do reducing initial set time considerably. In a second step, this lime will also react with carbon dioxide. Daubois’s source of hydraulic lime is St-Astier in France. This lime gets its hydraulicity in the chemical composition of the raw material used (siliceous limestone) that has a very uniform composition. St-Astier lime is pure; it contains no additives such as cement, or pozzolans that can have a negative effect on the properties of the end product. Using hydraulic lime in mortar mixes gives a very nice workability, good elasticity, high permeability, excellent resistance to salts and self healing properties. Hydraulic lime can be used to produce different products such as; bedding or repointing mortars, renders, injection grouts, lime paint, etc.

The hydraulic lime is available in thee grades according to their hydraulicity; higher hydraulicity means that the lime will develop higher strength.

NHL 2: Feebly hydraulic
NHL 3.5: Moderately hydraulic
NHL 5: Eminently hydraulic

Also available are the moderately and eminently hydraulic lime with an air entraining agent that will considerably increase freeze-thaw resistance.

NHL 12: Moderately hydraulic lime (NHL 3.5) with air entraining agent.
NHL 13: Eminently hydraulic lime (NHL 5) with air entraining agent.