Daubois mortars are available in 43 colours. Twenty-nine of these use a grey mortar base while the remaining 14 lighter colours use a white base. To simplify selection, a colour sample case is available for consultation. Factory colouring ensures perfect consistency of the specified hue, from the first piece of masonry laid to the last.

Special orders

Daubois can also prepare special orders in an unlimited range of shades. Upon request, we can match the colour of our mortar to a brick or sample colour so the architect can achieve exactly the effect desired. Colouring services are also used in masonry restoration or repair, where the new joint must be matched with one that time, sunlight and weather have discoloured.

Mortar colouring work is done by Daubois within a maximum 10 business days. Please call our Sales Coordinator at 328-1257, extension 323.

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