Betomix plus

Portland cement, type S hydrated lime and sand mortar mix, Betomix Plus complies with standard CSA A-179. It is used both for interior and exerior masonry. It is ideal for brickwork (clay, concrete or sand-lime), concrete blocks, sills, prefabricated concrete coping, and other applications. The sand is laboratory controlled (colour and grading), eliminating variations in finished products that occur due to a lack of consistency when the sand is added on the worksite. Betomix Plus is available in N, S and O types. It is also used as parging to cover foundations, chimneys, roof parapets and the like. Betomix Plus can be factory coloured on request.

Betomix 1-1-6

Betomix 1-1-6 mortar mix contains Portland cement and hydrated lime, but no sand. Sand must be added on the worksite.